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Getting Started#

First you will need to choose your installation configuration.

Installation Type Matrix#

Recommended installation type Number of BBB servers Existing Prometheus & Grafana services Do you like Docker?
Docker installation (recommended) multiple
All-In-One Monitoring Stack installation 1
Systemd installation (not recommended) multiple

If you choose the Docker or Systemd installation type you will have the choice of choosing between node_exporter (recommended) and Netdata for server resource utilization metrics. The metrics that will be collected from one of these two tools will be used together with BigBlueButton exporter metrics in the Server Instance Grafana dashboards.

node_exporter installation instructions

Netdata installation instructions

Grafana Dashboards#

Once you have the BigBlueButton exporter installed and one of the two resource utilization metric exporters (node_exporter or Netdata), you can import the appropriate Grafana dashboards.


We assume a working Grafana-Prometheus installation. If you used the All-In-One Monitoring Stack installation type you are covered since Grafana, Prometheus and node_exporter come preconfigured.

Login to Grafana and in the left menu click on + icon -> import

In the JSON field copy/paste the contents of your desired dashboard

Dashboard Prerequisites Short description
All Servers dashboard BigBlueButton Exporter BBB metrics for all servers in one dashboard
Server Instance (node_exporter) dashboard BigBlueButton Exporter, node_exporter BBB server details combined with node_exporter resource metrics
Server Instance (netdata) dashboard BigBlueButton Exporter, Netdata BBB server details combined with Netdata resource metrics

Installing Grafana on the BigBlueButton Server#

If you plan to install Grafana on the BigBlueButton host itself, keep in mind that the standard port for Grafana (3000) is also used by the html5-client of BigBlueButton (see /etc/bigbluebutton/nginx/bbb-html5.nginx). In this case you will need to change the Grafana port in /etc/grafana/grafana.ini to something else, e.g. 3001).