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Overview of BigBlueButton Exporter#

BigBlueButton Exporter is a Prometheus exporter for BigBlueButton. On a HTTP /metrics request, the exporter will query the BigBlueButton's API for data which it then aggregates and exposes as metrics.

Docker Pulls Docker Image Version (latest semver) GitHub

Metrics exposed:

  • Number of participants by type (listeners, voice, video)
  • Number of participants by client (HTML5, dial-in, flash)
  • Number of recordings (processing, published, unpublished, deleted, unprocessed)
  • Number of participants in rooms by bucket

Use Case#

BigBlueButton Exporter is the bridge between BigBlueButton and modern monitoring infrastructure such as Prometheus, Alertmanager & Grafana.

Using BigBlueButton Exporter you can create stunning dashboards for your BigBlueButton infrastructure and create alert rules when certain things happen.

Multiple BigBlueButton servers dashboard#

With this dashboard you have a quick overlook over all your BigBlueButton servers and quickly spot anomalies.

Single detailed BigBlueButton server dashboard:#

This dashboard gives you details about a single BigBlueButton server and it's performance compared to it's resources (CPU utilization and network bandwidth).


Additional software is required to display server resources i.e. node_exporter or Netdata. We cover this in the installation instructions.